At Roosevelt Field Hearing, we are committed to going above and beyond your expectations for hearing health services. We listen to your needs with the only goal of determining the most successful strategy to help you hear your best. We provide focused, individualized plans that take the bigger picture and future implications into account.
child smiling giving double thumbs up as audiologist fits head set for hearing test

Hearing Tests

At Roosevelt Field Hearing, we understand that hearing loss can be a difficult condition to face, and our staff is dedicated to providing the compassionate, friendly care you need. We offer comprehensive hearing tests that are tailored to the needs of people from all age groups, including babies and the elderly.
audiologist fitting hearing aid onto patient

Hearing Aid Fittings

At Roosevelt Field Hearing, our professional audiologists are dedicated to providing you with the best possible hearing aid to fit your individual needs. All devices require precise tuning to properly serve your needs, and we take great care to ensure that the programming and settings of your hearing aids are perfectly tailored to fulfill your hearing necessities and lifestyle preferences.
hearing aid repair

Hearing Aid Repair

Hearing aids are vital to the flow and function of your daily life, and we are fully aware of the challenges and burdens that malfunctioning or broken devices present. Despite proper care and maintenance, it is inevitable that these devices will experience various issues, as accidents and deterioration over time are unavoidable.
phonak roger table mic

Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs)

Hearing aids are great devices for sound amplification across a large spectrum of environments and situations. However, there are always circumstances with complex sound dynamics in which hearing aids alone often prove ineffective. Assistive listening devices are designed to help you hear and communicate in these louder or more complicated sound environments that encompass a wide range of simultaneous noise stimuli. Some can be stand-alone devices, while many others supplement existing hearing aids.
man grabs ear, ear is red indicating pain.


Affecting millions of people around the world, tinnitus can be a debilitating and complex condition to deal with. Though the severity and frequency of its symptoms vary widely for each person, the incessant ringing and buzzing can significantly impact the quality of life of all those affected. Additionally, the lack of an actual medical cure for tinnitus further complicates things. Fortunately, there are numerous therapies and technologies that can effectively mitigate its effects and facilitates easier management and coping with its symptoms.
man holds custom earplugs

Custom Hearing Protection

Prevention is key when it comes to protecting your hearing - and nothing is more effective than custom-fitted hearing protection. They come in various forms, from custom earplugs to muff-style protection headsets, each with different sound filtering options. Custom hearing protection will require molds or impressions of your ears to maximize safety, wearability, and audio quality.